Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Gorgeous Grandma Day!

Happy Gorgeous Grandma Day!

This is a day when we celebrate all of you gorgeous grandmas out there. What is a gorgeous grandma? She is any woman over 50 who lives her life to the fullest. A woman who’s intent on making the most out of the life she has ahead of her, and who doesn’t spend her time regretting the passage of her past. She does what she can and makes peace with what she can’t do.


She’s a woman who loves herself and others. Who takes care of herself and of others. Who fills her heart and home with joy and laughter.

She’s a woman who never wants to stop learning. She’s always up for trying new things.

 And finally, she understands that beauty is about more than just how you look, it’s also defined by how you treat others, how you feel, and how you live, love, and laugh.

So tell your gorgeous grandma how much she means to you, and thank God for adding her enriching presence to your life.


  1. Love your description of a grandma, esp. since I AM one. The pics were just right!!!